The WildLife Cell

The WildLife Cell
Tata Coffee estates
The WildLife Cell  - Tata Coffee estates

Tata Coffee estates boast of a plethora of flora and fauna and are often visited by beautiful creatures of the forest. We believe in creating a haven for these four-legged friends, a result of which the Wild Life Cell was started in 2013. Working closely with estate managers to ensure the coexistence of workers and forest creatures, Tata Coffee actively educates its employees to promote harmony in the estate. Wondering what forest friends we’re visited by? Read on!

Surprise visits by these huge, gentle and highly intelligent creatures are not uncommon in our estates. In one instance, we even witnessed a rare sight of a matriarch elephant pushing a log over our fence to help a baby elephant who had strayed away from the herd! 

Indian Hornbill:
The Valparai range Tata Coffee plantations house the great Indian hornbill, with the highest population of hornbills inhabiting this area. We ensure the protection of this species by making active efforts to preserve its natural habitat.

Rhesus and Bonnet Macaques are species of birds that flock to the Valparai ranges. Our estate also houses the lion tailed Macaque, a stunning species that is now endangered due to loss of habitat. The Wild Life Cell at Tata Coffee works towards the protection of these feathered beauties by eliminating external dangers to them!

Tigers and panthers
While these large felines are perceived to be highly dangerous and man eating, in reality they are shy and run away at the mere sight of humans! The Wild Life Cell at Tata Coffee aims to protect these elusive creatures who are often hurt by humans who feel threatened by them as they eat stray cattle. LED screens are placed in our villages to educate local communities about coexisting with these creatures and setting rules against endangering them. 

Besides the creatures mentioned above, our estates provide a home to myriad forest creatures from common bonnet monkeys to langoors, peacocks, the Indian purple frog and more! The Malabar Large Spotted Civet is another such endangered species that we aim to protect in our estates. However, our workers are instructed to stay away from the more dangerous sort such as leeches and poisonous wasps that pose a big threat as they mostly remain undetectable!

To provide you with the best coffee experience, we at Tata Coffee ensure the safest conditions at our estate and strongly believe that harmony and coexistence between our community and the forest are an important part of this!